(1) : General 
Year, Month, Day and Date of Birth, Star,Rasi and also other important general 2 To 12 Outline Predictions.
(2) : Education & Wealth
Manners or Power of speech, Money , Family, Education and Eye sight.
(3) : Brothers & Sisters
Number of Brothers & Sisters, Benefits & Problems from them, Dangers & Difficulties in life servant and about courage.
(4) : Mother, Assets & Fortune
Mother, House, Building, Land site,Vehicles, Happiness and Comforts.
(5) : Children, Off Springs, Progeny & Pregnancy
Birth of Children, Number of Male & Female and their diseases, Education, Benefits or Problems from them and Reasons for Absence or delay or issues etc.,
(6) : Disease, Dept & Litigation
Diseases Debts, Litigation, enemies, when will these Problems arise and when they will disappear, How to solve them etc.,
Marriage – when it will take place, the nature of Wife and Husband One or Two Marriages, Wife or Husband from which direction and at what distance. The physical features of Wife or Husband Colour, Name Danger in the course of life, Separation property, gains from wife etc.
( 8) : Life Span
The Logevity (Life-Span) How Long will be the life, and at which period the danger and problem will arise, when death arrives and in which Month Year, Star, Thithi Hora and whether death occurs in Native’s own house or outside by accident or by disease, etc., 
(9) : Property, Father, Spiritual Inclinations
The life of the father, details about getting the properties of the father, father’s diseases, period of confecting  guru establishing Temples, Monasteries, Wells etc.,
(10) : Business
Occupation – Occupation during different age periods. Occupation whether joint business, promotion, Transfer in job solutions for such problems.
 (11) : Conveyance, Second Marriage
Profits in which age the same will come : change of second wife or concubine, the benefits and problems from them, also about lucky opportunities in life.
 12) : Expenditure, Foreign Connections, Next Birth
Wastage (Losses) : how and during what age it will occur? Foreign trips also about political life. Rebirth Bed – Comforts Moksham, in details.

1. SANTHI PARIHARAM : Last birth sins committed, remedial measures for get rid of the effect of the lost birth’s sins.

2. DEEKSHA KANDAM : Manthra japam, wearing of Raksha ( Tailisman) for avaidance of enemies troubles etc.

3. AUSHADHA KANDAM : Medicines for long standing disease and method of taking them.

4. DASABHUKTHI KANDAM : predicitions for the running Disa Bukthi (Major sub, Period)

Special Chapters

1.Siva Sukshma Nadi

2.Maha Sukshma Nadi

3.Suksha Sukshma Nadi

4.Adhi Sukshama Nadi

5.Sukshama Kudumba Kandam

6.Prasanna Kandam

7.Gnana Kandam

8.Aasi Kandam

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